Rice Passes $1 Million 2016 Budget

The Rice Township Board of Supervisors passed a 2016 Budget in the amount of $1,020,000 at their regular meeting December 1, 2015.

The township is estimating receipts from taxes at $825,000. For 2014, the latest complete figures available, Earned Income Tax was $665,881, 77% of total tax revenues. Property Tax was $79,092 (9% of total taxes), Real Estate Transfer Tax $113,398 (13% of total), Local Service Tax $1,840, and Real Estate Delinquent Tax $3,825 for a total of $862,196. Other receipts in the 2016 budget include: Liquid Fuels, Licenses and Permits (Cable TV) $14,000, Recreation $5,000, Interest, rents and royalties $10,000, Contract police services $33,000, Fees, UCC Inspections, Recyclables $15,000 and Miscellaneous Receipts $163.40.

On the Expenditure side the