School Board Recinds Foster’s Appointment As Superintendent

The Crestwood School Board, in a 6-3 vote, moved to rescind the hiring of Fairview Elementary Principal Peg Foster as the district’s new superintendent, at its Dec. 10 meeting. The board will now re-advertise for new candidates. Foster was to replace Superintendent David McLaughlin-Smith, who is retiring in January.

The vote came after three new members, elected in November were sworn onto the school board. Joseph Kaminski, Ron Sturgeon, and William Jones had expressed opposition to Foster’s appointment last month, accusing the board of rushing the vote.

Kaminski remarked then, “The new board starts next month and we will be working with this person for four years. Can’t you just wait?”

Foster was selected as superintendent at that Nov. 19 meeting, in a 5-3 vote. Some audience members, along with Kaminski, Sturgeon, and Jones, voiced their objections because of Foster’s lack of certification. Her state “letter of eligibility” for the position is still pending.

Kaminski noted then that he had nothing against Foster, but wanted to be part of the process. “Let us get in office and do interviews and, if she’s selected, it’s a win-win,” he told the board then.

On Dec. 10, after an executive session that went on for more than an hour, a motion to rescind Foster’s appointment was made by board member Maureen McGovern –who, on Nov. 19, along with Eric Aigeldinger, and leaving member Michael Marshall had voted against the original hiring of Foster.