Nuangola Discusses Hiring Gypsy Moth Spraying Firm
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At a lengthy postponed December Nuangola Council meeting, with lame-duck president John Kochan presiding, members discussed potential plans to contract for gypsy moth spraying.

Secretary/Treasurer Sabine Thomas contacted Triple F Flying of Benton PA for pricing on a borough-wide program. She based her research on the figure of 609 acres which was supplied by Luzerne County.

She advised that the least expensive option was for a treatment that kills all insects, which would be applied at a rate of $35 per acre for a total of $21,315. She said that Luzerne County quoted residents $55 per acres so this would be a significant reduction.

This chemical is an insecticide, Thomas noted, but there were also more expensive, yet better environmental options offered.

Lake Association member, and former councilor, Terry Jones, who has been compiling a list of interested residents and hold checks for a spring spraying program, interjected, “We don’t want to kill everything. So much of our environment lives off the insects. We have to target the actual gypsy moths.”

Councilman Mark Gandzyk jumped in, “On that I agree. We have to be careful because some sprays are toxic to fish.”

A committee was formed with Gandzyk taking the lead to investigate surrounding municipalities’ plans and determine pricing options to residents.

Under discussion was the potential of charging property owners a flat rate per acre or increasing the tax assessment to cover the cost of spraying. The committee will prepare a report for the borough’s January 4 re-organization meeting.

Borough Solicitor Jack Dean noted that the decision will depend on the state code for assessments such as this. He reminded that the budget may be reopened in January since new council

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