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members will be seated, “But we have to see if we can charge a fee under an ordinance; or will the borough need to pay for the spraying outright.”

The board acted on the 2016 budget. A 30-day comment period had delayed the December session, but the final plan was approved showing a General Fund balance of $195,000 in revenues and expenses.

A minor change was approved under the request of Vice President Joseph Tucker. Long a champion of cutting costs and building support for the borough’s non-profits, Tucker expressed frustration that a request to the Mountaintop Area Joint Sanitary Authority to waive treatment fees was denied. “I don’t know why. The Chapel is only open for 3 months a year, one day a week. The Lake Association Pavilion, about the same. Then you’ve got the Grove which is a 501(c)3. And the fire company of all things. I think we need to find out how this is handled in Wright and Fairview.”

But in the meantime, he said, he wants council to cover the costs for these entities. Having done the math, Tucker made a motion to reduce the Road Department line item by the amount of $3,353 and utilize those funds for the sewer treatment annual fees. The action was quickly endorsed.

With a much larger financial target, Tucker also led the way to seek Local Share Gaming Grant funds to benefit many of those same organizations. Tucker established a financial outline for community needs, specifically funds to purchase an upgraded dump truck, spreader and plow for the borough, along with an insulated three-bay pole barn garage. On behalf of the Lake Association, the grant will seek repair funds to rehabilitate the 100+ year old Pavilion, an historic structure which has been undermined by storm-water discharge from Raeder Avenue.

Lastly, Tucker listed the improvements to the Grove community center including replacement windows and a free standing 40 by 60-foot open-air pavilion. Having completed this breakdown, Tucker advised that the total grant runs to $162,298, to be drafted as approved last month by grant consultants Susquehanna Strategies, LLC.

Tucker added, “We need a Resolution tonight. There’s a $100 non-refundable submission fee. We need a letter from Council in support and a letter from the zoning officer. I will have that in the morning.” He agreed to serve as the signatory for the grant.

Finally, Tucker advised that the Office of Community Development Grant funding for the rehabilitated ADA compliant entrance to the municipal building is 99% done. The new roof structure and lower switchback ramp and step entry is virtually done

The second draw down against the grant of $36,628 was approved by Council. In addition, the roof structure required additional repairs. The contractor could not guaranty where his roof met the old roof. Tucker reported that 3 quotes were received for the much need roof work. The current contractor, Ed Snukis, offered the lowest bid to repair the roof beyond his project.