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this fall for leaf pickup. “As far as we know, every leaf has been collected,” he said. “Not one leaf has been left behind, it’s like no child left behind….They did an excellent job.”

The zoning department issued a special exception in November for the owner of Six Packs to Go, on South Mountain Boulevard, to create additional parking spaces with the opening of an Indian food store next to the beer store, Smith related.

Unkempt properties on both Rebel Hill Road and in Walden Park are in the process of being cleaned up, according to the zoning officer’s report. The preliminary land-development plan for St. Jude’s new church is currently under review by the planning board and issues with the plan are being addressed.

Resident Michael Menapace, of Church Road, expressed his concerns about development at Albert’s Corner, a topic he said he had previously contacted Zampetti and the zoning department about. While the property owner received building permits for the land, stormwater issues weren’t addressed, Menapace said. He contended that the property owner was violating stormwater ordinances because the owner had disturbed more than an acre of land. According to the law, if more than an acre of land is affected, stormwater management plans must go before the planning commission. Township Attorney Michael Kostelansky responded that he would look into it.

Zampetti concluded the meeting by thanking outgoing Supervisor Smith for her service on the board over the past six years. “She’s worked very hard and the board appreciates her time and effort,” he said, with Smith adding, “We worked well together.”