Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

I want more lps and I want a cocer spanil lps too. I would like a mean and a puppy that’s real. I would like lps ekseseries. I would like a notebook and a sketch book. I would like some hieliters and a picher of a snowflake and a picher of a raindeer. The real puppy is a friend for our other dog.

Haylie Marie Newell Fairview

Dear Santa,

How is it in the North Pole? Will it snow a lot this year? Is the poler ixpres real? I woud like an Ipod, Barbe house and shopkins play house this year. So I hope you have a nice Christmas.

Peyton Koons Rice

Dear Santa,

How many elfs do you have? I want yo-gi-ho cards, a toy plane, a toy tank and a toy spy cit. Maxye Chrismis hohoho.

Conner E. Keme Rice

Dear Santa,

How are you and Mrs. Claus? I have been good all year. I would like five tsum toys and a stuffed reindeer, a stuffed elf. I love my elf Rosie she is the best. Love you santa. One more thing I want is a stuffed animals a dog, a cat and a rabbit.

Brianna Weiss Rice

Dar Santa,

How is the weather up there? Will I still get presents at Christmas. I would like shopkins. I have bin good all year so I hope you will give me all I want. I hope you have a Merry Christmas at the north pole and tell Jessie I love him and you for all my life. You must have a jod to do so you better do you jod at the north pole. And a Merry Christmas to you all and you elfs even Mrs. Claus. We all love you a lot then others even people at the hospital, kids watting for you and the elfs better do work.

Mattie Divers Rice

Dear Santa,

How are you doing with the elves. I hope you will bring presents to my house. I would like a toy cat. I would like a toy dog. I hope you get to relax after Chrismas. I am excited.

Josh Jakubowski Rice

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa I love you ples send the rainder, I rile love ta rainder so machc. You gav it to Deven Blagen & ball bridl and led and tone little stats and the role thigsi and for grim mydog, he wonts a scarf and a santa hat with mintens to. I love you santa. Ho is Jolley. I love you Jolley. Who ore you mis is Clas. Santa you and ta rainder doing for Krismis on Crismis. Love you Santa.

Isabella Ople Rice

Dear Santa,

Are you reindeer behaving? I have been good all yar. I would loke lats of mega Pokeman and tultues for for my brother. I love you Santa.

Deven Paulson Rice

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa! It’s Maddie. How are you and Mrs. Claus? I have been good all year. What cookies or cupcakes did you like we made. My elf Jolly ODonnell did he seend my note? My elf have been silly this year. Julia ODonnell relly wants makup. Michael ODonnell wants Pokemon. I want Lego friend I don’t have. I hope you have a good Merry Christmas!

Madison ODonnell Rice

Dear Santa,

How have the elfs been all yar long? I have been good all year long. I would like a box of Pokemon Breakthrough. I hope you get sleep after Christmas because your up late.

Noah Konschnik Rice

Dear Santa,

How is Rudolph doing? The gift I want most for Christmas Lego Bricklight. Please bring my mom a new dress. Please don’t forget to bring gifts for the homeless people. I cant wate to see you Christmas Eve.

Lukas Jude Glaser Rice

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa are the elfs buisy working.

I want glisten the white raindeer and glistens cape and I want a kitty cat park too and I want a elf pet raindeer that is real and you can touch and snuggle and when you sleep with it he’ll fly away and white it is morning time he flys somewhere but it wat a girl pet raindeer cause I want to name it ginger or wispers.

Candence Stravinski Rice

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa How are you doing. Am I on the notty list? Can I please have a pet. I love Christmas because of you.

Colin Gordan Rice

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa how are you and Mrs. Claus? I have been good this year. I would like for Christmas is a lot of things like a shopkins ice cream truck. A Barbie that flips on the horse. And now I want a tang top skinny geans. And a zommer kitty. I wrote my Christmas list. Can you read it please!

Carly Aigeldinger Rice

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa how are you and Mrs. Claus doing? I have got a lot of good grades this year. I hope you can bring me a happy Christmas.

Alley Barry Rice

Dear Santa,

What is your raindeer for? Bayblades, I rilly want bayblades. I oheder how elfys doing.

Avory Weiss Rice

Dear Santa Claus,

How are you? How is Mrs. Claus? Is it snowy in the North Pole? I don’t want much. Can I have a bike? Surprise me on other things. Jolly and Joy my elf’s are being bad. Jolly, The elf in are classroom said he’s going to tell us a joke. Here’s what we got so far! Why did the Elf go to school. Do you now why? He said that if were good he’ll tell us the ansewer. So do the elfs have beards or not. Hope you write back. Send a voicemail, email, text or note I don’t care.

Sophia Cyphert Rice

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa how is everything at the North Pole? How is Mrs. Claus the efs and the reindeer and Rudolph? I wish I can come North Pole to see your sleigh and work with the elfs. I would like science kit, the pieface game and a star desteroier lego kit. I hope you get to rest after Christmas.

Simon Basham Rice

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa, how are you and Mrs. Claus? I have been good. I would like a zoomer kitty please. Do you give Dum Dum’s to the elf’s? Can you please leave in Orin a little Santa atfit in his sock please. Jolly is cat. Thank you for.

Danielle Kress Rice

Dear Santa,

How many elfs do you hav? How is Mises Klas? I wood like a haver stik. I wood like & new haky stik. I wood like a new par of shoes. I wood like a nice Krismis. Hav a nice holaday.

Kaden Stout Rice

Dear Santa,

I hope you had a good year. For Christmas I would like a BB gun, a gummy bear making machine, a puppy, a scotter, a slime machine, walkie-talkies. I want roudolph, sunglasses, a robot, voice camera, spy watch, diamonds and a hot tub.

Jude Halterman Rice

Dear Santa,

Santa, how are your reindeer? Dasher, Prancer, Rudolph and Dixon. I don’t know the rest. May I please have a tablet. May I please have a phone. May I please have shopkings?

Samuel P. Rice

Dear Santa,

I hop you have a nice year. This year I want Skylanders Superchargers, a hoverboard, Disney infinity 3.0, a skateboard, a Wii U, 3DS, bingo, a iPhone 6, BB gun, a football.

James Kalinchok Rice

Dear Santa,

I hope you can visit my house this year. The thing I wanted more than anything is to have Alvin and racer to stay. I also want Johe Cena to come to my house. Then I want a Elf that I can touch and it can stil move.

Eddy Rice

Dear Santa,

Hi Santa, I hope you are ready for Christmas, here are some things I want. I want a stuffed animal kitty, a flute, a piano, drums, a smiley face pillow with it’s tongue sticking out and a scooter.

Maya Shakfa Rice

Dear Santa,

Hou are the elvs? I want a new bike. And wil you get my bruthr a new toy? And wil you givmy a letar back? I will macke tuns of coues for you.

Eric Favata Rice