500+ Acre Mixed Use Development Proposed For Dorrance Township

Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course owner Robert Tamburro submitted a sketch plan to the Dorrance Board of Supervisors at their December 13 meeting. Vice Chair Bill Wengrzynek presided over the meeting in the absence of Chair Gary Zane.

This is a second iteration of a development project on the large parcel which stretches from the corner of Stairville and Blytheburn Roads at its northeast corner to Prospect Road at its southern boundary.

The first plan offered over 5 years ago called for a Planned Residential Development with both residential and commercial uses, requiring a laundry list of waivers by the township including shrinking wetland buffer areas and extending cul-de-sac roads in excess of those permitted under the township’s ordinances. Residents expressed strenuous objections to that plan and the plan was not pursued.

Planning consultant Jack Varaly made a detailed introductory presentation of “The Preserve At Blue Ridge Trail,” development. “What we did with this version –it is still a Conditional Use -so it has to go before the planning commission for its review and comment before it’s passed on to the board of supervisors for their final determination on the plan.”

He explained that the zoning ordinance encourages an informal review of a PRD in advance of the formal submission to gauge the acceptability of the plan’s basic elements by the elected officials. If there are issues that are objectionable at this point, he explained, they will be addressed prior to submission.

In addition to Varaly, designing engineer Tim Connolly of Tetra Tech, Dallas, PA, was on hand to fieldquestions. According to his overview, the project covers 546 acres withjust over 151 of those wetlands. The roadways will measure 24,567linear feet, “about 5 miles,” Connollynoted. These will be offered to thetownship for adoption.

Subtracting out the roads; wetlands; areas sloped above 25% and the Transco Pipeline right-of-way, 339.86 acres will be utilized forresidential development. The planproposes 340 units identified as 32single family lots at 1acre + and 308townhouses representing duplexesand other configurations. As requiredunder a PRD, open space will beretained projected at 97+ acres, far beyond the 67 acres mandated. Connolly advised that this openspace excludes the golf course.

Varaly resumed, “There will be twopoints of access into the development. One off Stairville Roads services theupper part as seen on this map, andalso one off Prospect Road –thisarea already has some developmentaround the golf course.” The northside, entrances at Stairville andBlytheburn will provide an area of“ quick access off 81.” He explainedthat those areas will contain multi-unit housing types. The ProspectRoad vicinity will house the majorityof the single family dwellings.

In response to questions fromresidents, Varaly said that the MAJSAsewer system will be utilized and thezoning ordinance requires publicwater.

While shying away fromspecific price point on the housingunits, Varaly did characterize thedevelopment as “upscale housing.”