Tucker Elected President Of Nuangola Borough Council

Honoring the mandated biennial commitment to reorganize, members of Nuangola Borough Council met on January 4th.

The November election brought only one change to the seated officials with former president John Kochan’s council seat now held by Carolyn Lauer, the popular 30+ year borough secretary.

In a step-by-step process, former Vice President Joseph Tucker was elevated to President; Michael Johnson was named Vice President; Sabine Thomas was retained as Secretary Treasurer; Elliot, Greenleaf and Dean were retained as borough and planning commission solicitor. Michele Zawoiski was appointed President Pro Tem and John DiRico was renamed as Vacancy Board member.

A letter was received from Kochan

requesting an appointment to a vacant Sewer Authority seat, the move drew questions from the floor when Lauer’s husband James asked if volunteers were solicited for vacant seats. “The term expired,” Tucker replied.

“There was nothing in the paper about this,” Lauer insisted. “You just bring this up tonight without notice?”

Councilor Regina Plodwick made a motion to appoint Lauer to the post, seconded by Carolyn Lauer. Tucker said she would have to abstain since it was her husband. “The motion dies for lack of a second,” Tucker announced.

In the letter requesting the

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