Rice Board Reorganizes, Makes Appointments

Marica Thomas was retained as chair of the Rice Township Board of Supervisors at the board’s annual reorganization meeting on January 4, 2016.

Supervisor Bob Pipech was elected vice-chair.

Newly elected supervisor Rick Arnold rounds out the board.

The following appointments were made: Thomas-Police, Personnel, Planning & Zoning liaison; Pipech-Road Master, Pensions, Recycling; and Arnold-Fire Departments liaison, Recreation, Mountain Top Regional Police, Mountaintop Area Joint Sanitary Authority liaison. As Road Master, Pipech will be paid $200 a month plus expenses.

Alicia Stier was named Township Secretary at an annual salary of $28,840, Zoning Officer at $4,600 annually, and Planning Commission Administrator/Secretary at an annual rate of $2,400.

Barb Wasiakowski was named Assistant Secretary and Treasurer to be paid $6000 annually.

Alan Snelson was appointed Sewage Enforcement Officer at a rate of $50 per hour and William Bilby was named SEO alternate.

Other appointments include: PennEastern Engineers as township engineer to be paid $95 per hour. Solicitor Jack Dean, Esq. was named Township Solicitor to be paid $5,400 annually and Planning Commission Solicitor to be paid $4,600 annually.

Jeffrey Malak, Esq., was appointed Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor at a rate of $125 per hour.

H. A. Berkheimer, Inc. will serve as Earned Income Tax Collector, Local Tax Service Collector and Tax Hearing Officer. Diane Kendig was named Deputy Tax Collector.

Robert Franks will continue to serve as the police chief. Police will be paid per 2015 contract rate per hour (plus benefits, holidays, leave, and vacation time) as follows: Chief, $28.74, Sgt. Ehret, $25.55, Patrolman Zane, $23.72, Patrolman Stout, $23.36, Patrolman Collotty, $20.71; and Patrolman Hashagen, $18.30.

Also appointed were: Planning Commission-Tom Romanyshyn (4-year term); Zoning Hearing Board-John Moyer (3 year term); ZHB Alternates-Paul Ward (2 year term) and Ken Owens (3 year term); UCC Appeal Board-Robert Smith Jr. (5 year term); Vacancy Board-Albert Bierzynski (annual); and Emergency Management Coordinator-Bryan Brown (annual).

The Board of Supervisors is currently seeking applications for a 5-year UCC Appeal Board position. Residents may submit applications to the township or call the Supervisors if interested.

Citizens Bank was named depository for Rice Township funds for 2016, checks to be signed by two supervisors and the treasurer. The treasurer is authorized to make interim payments and transfer money between funds and to transfer $50,000 to First Keystone Community Bank.

The board voted to remove former supervisor Miller Stella as a valid check signer and to name Rick Arnold as a valid signer on all Rice Township bank accounts.

The supervisors officially recognized the Wright Township Volunteer Fire Department as the Primary Fire Protection Service for Rice Township and assures that volunteers are covered by municipal policy as it applies.

Monthly meetings will be held on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p. m. with work sessions at 6:30 p. m. as needed at the Rice Twp. Municipal Building, 300 Church Road.