Dorrance Retains Senior Staff

In their annual nod to the Commonwealth’s requirement for a reorganization meeting in early January, the Dorrance Board of Supervisors promptly moved through the annual meeting and the first regular meeting on January 4, 2016.

Actions included the re-appointment of Gary Zane as Chair and Bill Wengrzynek as Vice Chair. Likewise, Secretary-Treasurer Patricia Davis; Roadmaster Todd Badman; Zoning Officer Alan Snelson and Sewage Enforcement Officer John Jenkins were retained.

Professional advisor Donald Karpowich was kept as solicitor to both the supervisors and the planning commission. Pennoni Associates and Alfred Benesch & Company were named as township engineer and alternate respectively.

Newly seated supervisor Kevin Gallagher was appointed as overseer of roads. Gallagher was also appointed to serve on the planning commission.

At the conclusion of the premier event, the regular meeting was convened. The board approved a motion made by Zane for a “$250 donation to the Crestwood High School Senior Lock-in to be held on June 10, 2016 after graduation.”

The supervisors also followed the planning commission’s recommendation to conditionally approve the Act Truck and Trailer Incorporated Land Development Plan. The site is at the intersection of South Main Road and Blue Ridge Trail. The land has long been in commercial use and is finally acquiring the proper approvals from the township and the state.

The towing company has submitted