On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

The Seattle Seahawks almost pulled out a miracle in Sunday’s NFL playoff game against the top seed Carolina Panthers. Trailing 31-0 at the half, the comeback kids rallied to come to a near tie at the end of the fourth quarter in the final two minutes of the game. Carolina stood their ground with 31 points outplayed the Seahawks with 24. Both teams are frequent playoff contenders. One more week of play until the Super Bowl teams will know who they will face. The Carolina Panthers will now play the Arizona Cardinals, who beat the Green Bay Packers in overtime on Saturday. As the number one seed in their league the team will once again host the Panthers-Cardinals NFL game in Charlotte this weekend.

The Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-16 on Sunday to advance in the AFC. Payton Manning brought the Broncos back to score a touchdown in the fourth quarter to win the game. They will play New England at Denver. New England beat Kansas City on Saturday to take honors for the AFC.

Football is an entertaining January diversion as we inch toward the end of January. The days are getting longer with earlier sunrises and later sunsets. Only 11 more days until February!

Mountaintop weather has been relatively warm this year, especially compared to the frigid experiences we had for the past two winters. Sunday night’s single digits and sub zero wind chills soon gave way to the mid 30’s. Climate change? No. It is merely the cyclical flow of the seasons and has been happening for millions of years. We have more serious concerns to address as a nation in 2016.

Political Bombshells

The Republican and Democratic contenders continue to fire volleys against each other. The races are a blood sport; thanks to all the media analysis each candidate gets on a continual basis. The debates last week saw the punches and the retorts. I don’t think aggressiveness is a bad thing. We need a president who can stand strong on the world stage. I also want a person who is a brilliant diplomat.

I have read quite a few biographies this year about historic leaders including both Franklin D. and Theodore Roosevelt. I have not analyzed in depth the accomplishments of any of the presidents since I came of voting age in 1967. Since that was almost 50 years to look back on, I need to reflect on the accomplishments of those that have led our country in that time. We can always learn from history.

The Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary are intertwined with Super Bowl fever. I hope our country has as much enthusiasm for who we elect as they do for their favorite sports teams.

Road Report & Medical Update The Mountaintop Rotary Club is

hosting “Business Mixer” today, Wednesday January 20. Dominic J. Yanuzzi, PE will give a presentation on the Route 309 rock remediation project. I hope Yanuzzi’s message is positive and that the $7 million PennDot spent to open up and widen the winding highway through the rock cut is complete and a safe conclusion.

John Fletcher, President of Lehigh Valley Hospital-Hazleton will give an update on his company’s new medical location in the Weis Shopping Plaza. Lehigh Valley’s commitment to Mountaintop gives residents three choices in selecting medical care in the community. Geisinger and Commonwealth Health have had a presence in Mountaintop for many years. We have choices.

Relay Nearing $Million Goal The Mountaintop Relay for Life

May 14, 2016 is closing in on their $Million achievement. The Relay in Mountaintop began more than 10 years ago and has grown with enthusiasm each year. Mountaintop Relay Chairman Regina Kloeker says they are only $25,000 away from their goal and new teams are needed to contribute to the cause.

The Mountaintop Eagle publishes all of the Relay events throughout the year. Our community participation is crucial to the Relay’s success. Meetings are held the first week of each month in the Crestwood High School/Library Media Center at 6:00 p. m. The next meeting is Tuesday February 2, which also happens to be Groundhog Day.

Spring Baseball & Softball Speaking of spring it’s time to sign

up for Little League Baseball and Softball for boys and girls ages 4 to 18. Check our Mountain Calendar to the league’s website at www.mountaintoparealittleleague.com.