Cub Scouts
WINTER FUN DAY-Webelos II from Mountain Top participated in Cub Scout Winter Fun Day at Kirby Park Jan. 16. Activities at the event included games, as well as the learning of outdoor survival skills. Shown, from left, are Joey Kraynak, Ryan Kachurak, John Jones, Ryan Martinelli, Levi Schuler, and Josh Van Pelt.
LEARNING SURVIVAL SKILLS-Cub scouts from Pack 106 used a blanket and sticks to make a stretcher, as they learned this and other outdoor survival skills as part of Cub Scout Winter Fun Day. Shown, from left, are Webelos Matthew Sullivan, Josh Prebola, Shayne Sharma, Dylan Minet, and Sean Rodgers.
TENT MAKERS-Cub scouts pose in the tent they quickly assembled with ropes, stakes and a tarp. Tent building was just one part of the survival skills the scouts learned at Winter Fun Day. Shown, from left, are John Jones, Ryan Martinelli, Josh VanPelt, Ryan Kachurak, Levi Schuler, and Joey Kraynak.