Nuangola To Bring In New Engineer On Road Issues

While snow kept most attendees away, Nuangola Council managed a four-member quorum to conduct business at their February 9th meeting.

At the heart of council’s musings was the deteriorating condition of roads in the aftermath of the community sewer project completed in 2013.

Newly appointed President and long-term Roadmaster Joseph Tucker shifted into the discussion by announcing that the borough is seeking letters of interest from engineering firms for assistance with an evaluation of the borough streets relative to the construction activities for the sewer line installation. Letters have been received from Alfred Benesch & Company of Hazleton and PennEastern Engineers of Wilkes-Barre.

Councilor Regina Plodwick reminded that the engineer will serve for both road projects and for planning matters, which she oversees. It was decided to seek fee schedules from each and place a vote on the agenda in March. Solicitor Jack Dean reminded, “This is a professional service so you do not have to select the lowest price.”

Having received a thank you from a Nuangola Avenue resident for pothole patching, Tucker lamented the condition of a road on the opposite side of the borough.

“We had a number of complaints about how bad North End Road is,” Tucker reported. “We were patching potholes and we saw a large section of the road that was completely destroyed.”

Tucker stated that he has been working with Atty. Dean to identify and calculate the current status of needed repairs to submit to the Nuangola Sewer Authority. The intent is to draw the necessary funds from the construction bond still in place from the sewer contractor Wexcon.

He noted, “We have a pretty healthy invoice here of $19,000 for the repair work and that’s just a band aid on that road. The road is in bad shape.”

He also advised Atty. Dean that there are other areas of the borough -such as Main Street -where there are continuous problems, “We are having a lot of problems with water there. The problem is from a non-compaction.”

Dean replied that the bond is about to run out, “That bond expires in the spring.” He added that he just received the Sewer Authority materials from Solicitor Bob Gonos and they are under review.

Other road problems on Van Avenue