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were reported, Tucker said, resulting from ongoing heavy equipment in and out of Laurel Lakes in Rice Township. The councilors stated that there is a 10-ton limit on that borough road and they will consider their options in that situation.

In other business, a discussion of the potential blight of gypsy moth infestation resulted in a motion from Plodwick to contract with Triple F Flying to treat properties in the borough at a fee of $24,969. This would cover the application costs for the spray which treats only leaf-eating insects, and will not harm pollinators or fish.

Tucker asked if there would be a cost saving benefit to coordinating with Rice Township if possible. Secretary-Treasurer Sabine Thomas said yes, there are volume discounts. The motion was unanimously tabled until more research could be done.

Long term secretary and newly-elected councilor Carolyn Lauer questioned the results of the refuse billing for 2015. She said after comparing the revenues collected, “This isn’t even covering what we’re paying…” She said that the borough is contracted to pay so much per year under the contract, but the return from the refuse billing falls far short of the payment.

Tucker explained that the mailing list supplied to the third party biller contained many errors and he and Thomas have worked to correct. Thomas added that many tax bills are send to addresses outside the borough and reconciling the borough addresses and refuse bills has been a challenge. Lauer volunteered to assist in updating the mailing list to ensure accurate collection returns.