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Zabroski that he had spoken to the Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce about the situation a while ago and was told that the chamber’s priority was in upgrading services at the Hanover Industrial Park. He assured Zabroski that he would call the chamber again and ask for action in getting other internet providers at the industrial park.

Board Chairman Louis Welebob Jr. then committed to meeting with a representative of State Senator Lisa Baker to inquire about funding for upgrading the internet there.

“We’re competing against other industrial parks in the area and the Crestwood Industrial Park is not offering even the most basic services,” Zabroski concluded. “In the long run, it’s going to hurt the township.”

Also, at the Feb. 8 meeting, Supervisor Michael Marshall reported that the Wright Township Volunteer Fire Department responded to 29 incidents in January. There were 375 total incidents for the year 2015, which included 156 in Wright, 100 in Rice, and the remaining in assisting other municipalities.

The Police responded to 294 calls in January, including seven thefts, seven harassments, three narcotics charges, and two reports of criminal mischief, related Zampetti. Police also issued 10 traffic citations, two non-traffic citations, and two warnings.

The board unanimously appointed Joshua Deets as a full-time officer with the Wright Township Police, having completed his probationary period with the department.

The planning commission has been reviewing plans for development at the Crestwood Industrial Park and for the new St. Jude’s Church, Marshall noted. Also, the commission wrote a letter to outgoing member Candace Smith, expressing its appreciation for her work on the commission over the past 18 years.

No zoning permits were issued in January, Zampetti stated, but zoning hearings will be held on Feb. 22 at 7 p. m. One is for a Dallas man who wants to open a fitness center in the industrial park and the other is for new signs to be erected at the site of the new Lehigh Valley medical facility in the Weis Plaza, which are to exceed the maximum size of signs allowed by the zoning law.

The board also agreed to close Alberdeen Road on April 16, from 10 a. m. to 11 a. m., for the annual Little League parade.