CAREER DAY CELEBRATED AT ST. JUDE’S-It was a busy day in the second grade at St. Jude School when Career Day was celebrated. Parents were invited to visit the classroom to present information on their chosen career to the students. Some of the occupations included civil engineer, truck driver, nurse, dean of students, chemical engineer, occupational therapist, dentist, and undercover detective. Other areas included parts and materials ordering, pharmaceuticals, church activities coordinator, and police officer. Many speakers brought visual aids to assist in explaining their jobs, but the largest visual aid they were able to inspect was the cab for an 18-wheeler truck in the parish parking lot! Also on that day, the students were invited to dress up as what they are choosing for their future occupations. Shown, front from left: Evelyn Bassett, Hayley Keiser, Lillian Muller, Brooks Wrightnour, Rishi Patel, Anson Jumper, Abigail Krupa, Alexis Bleiler, Michael Grandzol, Joseph Mayernik, Alex Gordon, and Luis Ortiz. Row two: Dylan Venesky, Cayden Sartori, Pierce Sparich, Jodran Paulshock, Jacob Kopko, Victoria White, Kyra Chepolis, Matthew Mascarenhas, and Mr. Christopher Herbener. Back: Chris Herbener, Patrick Smith, and Lizzy Papciak.