St. Jude School

100TH DAY CELEBRATED AT ST. JUDE’S-The PreKindergarten and Kindergarten classes at St. Jude School joined together to celebrate the 100th day of school with a variety of special activities. The students were mixed together into four groups and began the day’s events together in the school gym. They participated in 100-themed warm-up activities including marching, counting, and even staying absolutely quiet for 100 seconds. Each student brought in a collection of 100 items in specially designed bags for a display which included Q-tips, pasta, Legos, gold coins, stickers, gummies, candles, cereal, beads, erasers, paper clips, rubber bands, marshmallows, and more. Students also competed in bean bag, penny stacking, and dice games all related to the special number of the day. When the students returned to their classrooms, they were challenged to find 100 buttons which had been hidden in each of their four rooms. Students were also given a 100th Day sticker and 100th Day dog tag to celebrate the occasion. Shown, front from left: Neal DeAngelo, Leah Smith, Sophia Kurlandski, and Hannah Fauerbach. Back: Luke Gordon, Zoe Pray, Piper Kleban-Harden, Raymond Mazur, Tommy Elick, and Krish Bajaj.