Fairview Elementary Presents ‘Kokonut High!’ March 4

Don’t miss the talented Fairview 6th and 5th grade artists perform in “Kokonut High!”

Come on board and get your diploma at Kokonut High! Cordelia and her kids on storm-devastated Kokonut Island need to earn money. So they open Kokonut High, a school that guarantees graduation to every student... for a huge tuition fee. Along with the small number of students that arrive, a group of crime-seeking bad guys show up. To make matters more hysterical, the ghost of Cap’n Kidd appears, telling everyone to get off his island! But Swampy, deemed crazy by the island inhabitants, is the only one who can see the ghost.

A zany set of characters such as happy-go-lucky students, long-lost guests and two girls who think they’re going to wed the same boy, also wander the island. When an accreditation team from the stateside demands to meet the school faculty (that doesn’t exist!), this musical really is thrown overboard.

The script was written by Tim Kelly and the screenplay is produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, IN., Englewood, Colorado.

Under the creative direction of Fairview teachers Mrs. Macking and Mr. Junas, this is a must see Mountain Top event!

There will be one performance held at Fairview Elementary on Friday, March 4th at 6 p. m. Monetary or product donations to Blue Chip No-Kill Animal Shelter in Dallas, PA are requested for admission. Hope to see you there!