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short on cash. Please feel free to treat yourself.”

Sandy encourages anyone to come in and take advantage, adding, “Don’t be ashamed to come in and use it.” She went on of how wonderful her customers are to have contributed to the wall. Tapping it, Sandy said, “These are the best people. They’re putting it up there and paying it forward.”

She described a man who had been laid off of work for six months and struggling. He came in and asked for a hot dog from the wall and, when he got a new job and his first paycheck, he came back in and added four hot dogs to the wall for the next guy.

Sometimes children playing in the Wright Township Municipal Park, just behind Abe’s, come in for a free hot dog. Sandy encourages them to do so and added that the children have never abused the freebies.

At its South Mountain Boulevard location since 2000 and in Mountain Top even longer, Abe’s has been a popular spot for locals. “I’ve been here 24 years,” Sandy related. “I’ve seen kids in their mothers’ stomachs that now come in here with their own kids. That’s the fun part about it. And Abe’s is the first food stop for people coming back to town.”

Parents often drop their kids off at Abe’s too, as it’s a safe place to hang out. “This place is very handy for kids,” Sandy added. “They come over here to cool off and get some water, or a band-aid or some ice if they hurt themselves…If it starts raining, they come here from the park. It’s a humble little area away from home.”