Misericordia Nursing Students Participate In Health Care Professionalism Workshop

The Department of Nursing at Misericordia University recently hosted juniors and seniors in the Bachelor of Science degree program for the inaugural Health Care Professionalism Workshop with guest speaker Jill Evans Kryston of Defining Moments.

Certified by The International School of Protocol, Kryston is the director and trainer of Defining Moments, a company known for “teaching good manners to last a lifetime.’’

For Misericordia University students, the program was designed to enhance patient relationships and outcomes by developing medical manners. Participants focused on etiquette and ethics in the workplace, including first impressions, proper communication and positive body language.

The workshop taught students how words, actions and appearance make a difference in building relationships with patients and other employees. Nursing students learned how to hone their people skills through listening, learning, teamwork and bringing out the best in others through kindness, consideration, respect and honesty. Participants also addressed how to meet and greet people, identify common courtesies, avoid rude behaviors, and deal with difficult patients and gossip in the workplace.

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