Nuangola Councilors Spar On Expenditures, Revenues

While deteriorating road conditions continue to dog the small, lake-side borough, how those repairs were paid was the subject of a snarled debate.

Opening the issue at the April 12 meeting, Councilor Michael Johnson asked long-term council member Regina Plodwick, “Did you call the Liquid Fuels people on us, or email them?

“If you have a problem with what we’ve done, or what we are doing, please bring it up with us,” Johnson continued.

An initial denial by Plodwick was walked back with her statement that she did object several times by voting “no,” because she believed that state funds were being misused.

Council President Joseph Tucker reported that a meeting was held with state representatives to review road repairs to North End Road, which suffered major damage as a result of the sewer construction. “I don’t know if they were repairs from sewer authority damage, or general maintenance,” he said. But the result of the meeting was that the borough has to reimburse the Liquid Fuels account.

Borough Secretary/Treasurer Sabine Thomas reported the amount as $14,883.75. She said, “we were also told that, had we decided to declare a state of emergency and ratified that in our minutes it would not have been a problem.”

Tucker advised that they were read the complaint and the state official said that some parts were pretty “slanderous, and if it happens again, we are going to have some problems.” Plodwick defended her actions, stating that the repairs were the result of split bids and she did object to the practice at the time.

Road problems continue to dominate the borough’s agenda, and Tucker noted that the borough’s new engineer has completed a review of the roads impacted so heavily by the construction project.

The comprehensive punch list drafted by PennEastern Engineers includes 18 specific failures and to derive a roster of the damages it would be easier to identify the few streets that aren’t impacted in the borough.

Sewer Authority liaison Mike Johnson commented that he reviewed the borough engineer’s report with the sewer engineer, Quad3, to get their opinion on the list. He added that the sewer authority solicitor has, “put Wexcon and their bonding company on notice that there is a problem. So,