Crestwood Names Gorham New District Superintendent
NEW SUPERINTENDENT-Joseph Gorham, Crestwood’s new superintendent, is excited to work in a district he admires and hopes to contribute greatly to the success of students here.

Joseph Gorham, Crestwood’s enthusiastic new superintendent, has begun connecting with students right away, as he was seen high-fiving and exchanging banter with middle schoolers as they strolled from one class to the next, books and pencils in hand.

Each and every student in the district has potential, he says, and part of his job is to see that they each have the same opportunities to be successful. He hopes to do so with the help of the whole Mountaintop community.

“Ultimately, all the students will go through to the world of work and our job is to prepare them by giving them the best possible education,” Gorham related. “It’s important that people know that schools are more than just students, teachers, and administrators. Schools are a component of the larger community and, without the input of the larger community, you’re not as successful as you can be.”

Gorham, who served as

superintendent of Carbondale Area, was appointed the new head of Crestwood in a special school board meeting April 11. Board member Nobert Dotzel cast the only dissenting vote, saying to Gorham, “Nothing personal.” The rest of the board voted yes, with two members absent. Gorham was one of 23 applicants and he will be paid $115,000 annually until 2019.

The next day, Gorham resigned from his post at Carbondale and, the day after that, was walking the halls of Crestwood meeting students and staff. Gorham said his rapid transition last week from Carbondale to Crestwood was difficult and emotional.

“It was not the way I envisioned it unfolding,” he related. “I would have preferred to say proper goodbyes to the great people of Carbondale…It was a great community. However, my responsibility to Crestwood was