Sen. Lisa Baker

SEN. BAKER MEETS WITH LUZERNE COUNTY LAW ENFORCEMENT AT CAPITOL-Several members of Luzerne County police departments visited the Capitol on April 5, where they rallied for road safety and the use of radar to enforce speed limits. While there they also met with Sen. Lisa Baker, R-20th District, to discuss those topics and other law enforcement matters. Show, front from left: Officer Scott Rozitski, Wright Township Police Dept.; Sen. Lisa Baker, Officer Richton Penn, White Haven Police Dept., which also serves Dennison Township and Penn Lake Park; and Chief Mike Moravec, Kingston Township Police Dept. Back: Chief Royce Engler, Wright Township Police Dept.; Chief Albert Walker, Hanover Township Police Dept.; Sgt. Martin Maransky, Kingston Township Police Dept.; and Chief Thomas Szoke, White Haven Police Dept..