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we don’t have a statute of limitations problem with the warranty.”

Borough Solicitor Jack Dean announced that a bid was received to supply spraying for gypsy moths. He stated, “500 acres were bid. And we received one bid from Triple F Flying, Inc.”

Tucker added that he coordinated with the bidder, “He said we would be spraying 100% of the borough –minus the lake. As a result, we can go with a lighter spray.”

The bid came in at $43 per acre.

Tucker reminded that the Lake Association had conducted its own collection for spraying and the organization has agreed to donate the full amount of $7,625 towards the borough’s contract.

A unanimous voted approved the bid.

The discussion did include a cautious projection for future spraying programs as the costs may not be assessed to the property owners as a stand-alone fee, according to the solicitor’s research.

Conversely a municipality does have the ability to charge a per household refuse fee.

This issue has been the subject of great interest to Councilor Carolyn Lauer both since attaining her seat on the board and before.

For the fourth month in a row, Lauer asked to see the list of paid refuse fees and was again denied. Lauer has in past meetings objected to the lack of collection of the refuse fee, stating that the borough is paying much more under contract than collections are covering.

“We are not getting anywhere on that,” Lauer said of the claimed software issue preventing Thomas from updating her list of property owners with an up-to-date file Johnson has in his possession.

“January, February and March… I thought by now there would be a list so that I could help,” said the new councilor with over 30 years of experience as Nuangola Borough’s Secretary/Treasurer.

Lauer offered to help each month, and finally, she said, she contacted tax collector Bonnie Nenstiel for a current tax list to use for refuse fee collection. “She said she has several things right now that have new addresses.”

“We’ve asked her for it,” Tucker explained, “but she said she can’t pull it up. But Michael Johnson pulled it up within a week and it has all the information we need.”

It was agreed to find a software solution to allow Lauer to review the files and help Thomas with improving the percentage of collection rate.