St. Jude School

ST. JUDE SCHOOL HOLDS OLYMPIC CEREMONIES-Over a period of several weeks, the students in PreKindergarten through third grade at St. Jude School learned about the meaning of the Olympic flag, rings, torch, and medals during their physical education classes. A flag bearer was chosen from each class based on the following criteria: is a true team leader, shows

kindness and compassion, is understanding, and possesses good listening skills. The flag bearers carried the United States flag in the opening procession. The Olympic flame was lit, and the announcement was made to “Let the games begin.” The students competed in heats, as individuals, to experience how the athletes move on in competitions. They competed for gold, silver, or bronze medals in hopping. Medal ceremonies were held and the national anthem was played. The students have a summer assignment to watch a portion of the Olympics and fill out a log to be returned in the fall. The sliding, skipping, and running competitions will be held then along with the closing ceremonies. Participants shown front from left: Mia Correll, Maximus Bleiler, and Delaney Curley. Row two: Charlie Buzas, Shreema Rupareliya, and Kyra Chepolis. Back: Noah Billig, Molly Jameson, and Katelyn Bozinko.