Dorrance Township Leaders Propose Pipeline Resolution

Having learned in April that the Transco Pipeline contractor, Sheehan Pipe Line Construction Company had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, the board of supervisors considered filing legal action to protect the township from damages resulting from the project.

Supervisors Gary Zane, Bill Wengrzynek and Kevin Gallagher expressed concerns at that time about damages the contractor’s heavy equipment made to the edges and shoulders of St. Mary’s Road.

Gallagher advised after the June 13th meeting that he decided to go to the pipeline owners Williams to get answers. “I called them and said, ‘We don’t care who Sheehan is, they don’t mean anything to us.’

“I met with three of their guys and they said that they’d cover it. I don’t care if they give us a check, but they have to do something.”

Wengrzynek added that Dorrance officials had reviewed the issue with Sheehan about making the repairs last fall. “They agreed to do it and they would have done it last year, but they didn’t finish until November and then the weather turned bad. They said they’d do it this year and then they went bankrupt.”

The same section of road is slated for resurfacing this year, and the project was bid for approximately 1 mile of St. Mary’s from Dorrance corners to the stone bridge. The township had acquired an Office of Community Development grant to fund the project. Unfortunately, only one bid was received last month and OCD requires at least 2 bids.

The project was quickly rebid, it was announced, and 2 bids were received and opened at a June 2nd Special Meeting. The record shows that the bids were for “edging repair, overlay pave, and line painting from Blue Ridge Trail to the bridge below Prospect Road.”

Bids were received from American Asphalt in the amount of $130,774.55 and from Pennsy Supply in the amount of $112,915.28. By unanimous vote the project was awarded to Pennsy Supply.