Mountain Top Area Police, EMS Set National Night Out Event August 2
NATIONAL NIGHT OUT-Wright Township Police Officer Joshua Deets is one of many local law enforcers who will attend The National Night Out, at the Wright Township Municipal Park Aug. 2. The event, the second to be held in Mountain Top, brings the community together with police, firefighters, and emergency responders for crime prevention, safety, and neighborhood unity.

In an effort to make Mountain Top a place where residents trust police officers and emergency responders, know those patrolmen by name, and have an understanding of personal safety and crime prevention, the public is invited to this area’s second National Night Out event, to be held Aug. 2.

“The purpose is to adapt to the community to show that we’re not just here to respond to emergency calls, but to show the friendlier side of law enforcement,” Wright Township Policeman David Winsock related of the event, to be held at the Wright Township Municipal Park, from 4 to 9 p. m.

The National Night Out is a longstanding event that’s held each year throughout the country, as a way to “promote police-community partnerships, crime, drug, and violence prevention, safety, and neighborhood unity.”

This year’s event is the 33rd to be held in the country and over 38 million people are expected to attend it nationwide. The theme of the event is “Give Neighborhood Crime and Drugs a Going Away Party.”

Last year was Mountain Top’s first participation in the event and, with the program’s success, local law enforcement decided to continue the event here annually. An array of local police officers, firefighters, and other emergency responders, as well as food vendors and other offerings will be found at gathering.

Police from Wright, Fairview, and Rice townships will all be in attendance to “show what police officers do day in and day out,” Winsock explained. Residents can get a glimpse of the equipment officers use, from patrol cars and radios to weapons and sobriety-testing resources.

The National Night Out is child-friendly, too, and officers hope to show children that police should be trusted not feared. Those who attend will be educated by police about topics like traffic safety and the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet to how to

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