Rockledge Dr. Residents Ask Wright Board To End Speeding

Once again, the Wright Township Board of Supervisors has been asked to put an end to speeding on residential roads, this time on Rockledge Drive. Ron Mazzoni told the board, at its July 11 meeting, that cars speed on his road nonstop and he fears that, as a result, someone will be hurt or killed.

“We need the police to stop the speeders,” Mazzoni told the board. “It’s getting to a point where it’s a dangerous place to live.”

While the speed limit is posted on Rockledge at 35 miles per hour, Mazzoni stated that, drivers never obey that, since it’s difficult for police to monitor speed on that road. “It might as well be the Autobahn,” he said.

When Mazzoni’s daughters were young, they were never allowed to play in the front yard, he related, for his fear that they’d wander into the road and be hit by a speeding car. Now, he said, with his daughters grown, he sees neighborhood children and fears they will be killed.

“It’s unbearable. There’s kids there,” he went on. “I literally hear the cars squealing their tires as they speed down the road.”

Several times this year, residents pleaded with the board to do something about speeding vehicles on South Main Road and in the Capital Hill area of the township. Vehicles often use Rockledge Drive as a connector road between South Mountain Boulevard and South Main Street. A side street, Ledge Lane, has a stop sign, Mazzoni continued, but no one slows down or stops for it.

While Rockledge is not an area where a radar gun can be used, there are other ways to trap speeders, Supervisor Donald Zampetti said, but

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