Fairview To Share Cost Of Damaged Bridge Repairs

The Fairview Township Board of Supervisors announced at its August meeting that it will share the cost of repairing a damaged bridge in the Glen Summit area with the shareholders of that community.

In April, a collapsed wall, part of a small bridge, and the damaged culvert pipe under it on Lake Road had Glen Summit residents concerned about both safety and who would pay for the repairs. That part of Fairview Township is owned by the Glen Summit Company, an organization of shareholders.

When the damage occurred, representatives of Glen Summit asked the board if Fairview owned the road and culvert and, if so, would the township pay to fix the damage.

The answer they received at the time was unclear. Solicitor Donald Karpowich reported that a “deed of dedication” would determine if the township owned the culvert and bridge, but one was not found. He said then that the township will keep looking, but, if one isn’t found, it’s up to Glen Summit to pay for the costs. Shareholders replied that they could not afford such an expense.

At the Aug. 2 meeting, Karpowich suggested the board split the cost of repairing the bridge with Glen Summit, with both parties paying roughly $1,100. But, he stressed, “We’re doing this as a joint venture to help the community, not to claim ownership or responsibility.”

Board members agreed. Karpowich went on that, in the fall, a grant could be secured to pay for the repair costs. Supervisor Russ Marhold stated that, while trying to obtain the grant is a good idea, he believed that Glen Summit should pay for the grant writing and application fees.

In other business, the board approved the Dobash and Rexer subdivision with conditions, outlined by the Luzerne County Planning