On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

The beautiful Mountaintop summer continues to invite us outdoors to enjoy the season. Farmers Markets in Nuangola on Saturday mornings and on Sundays at Crestwood High School tempt us with fresh produce to take home and savor. Broyan’s Farm Market in Nescopeck and Pumpkin Hill Farm in Wapwallopen are open seven days a week.

For some of us the vegetable garden in the front or back yard is an ongoing miracle in July and August. I have seen many postings on Facebook of “friends’ sharing their harvests and I have posted too. My garden peaked about a week ago and still has many good weeks of harvest ahead. I picked three times last week. Lots of beans, squash, cucumber, and lettuce for sure. The peppers were overshadowed by the squash and the eggplant was choked out by the trailing winter squash too. The rear of my garden gets the least sun, but the squash does not seem to care. It will be moved back in the garden next year.

Growing a 40-x60 foot garden is a microcosm of a farm. Instead of acres I have rows and hills. Every year one crop does better than the past and another struggles to produce. It is like our own lives. We are always striving for excellence and that may or may not be reality for us in any given year.

Our rainfall this year has been good enough to keep from watering the garden at a minimum with the newspaper and compost mulch I put down. I usually do some weeding every week and the soil is well drained and thirsty.

Fall sports will soon be on the schedule including football, American Legion Baseball, Mountaintop Little League Fall Baseball and Softball, and in the academic arena soccer, field hockey, volleyball, football, and cross country. I may have missed a few, but we want to hear from those teams too. Be sure to send in your game reports and scores to news@ mteagle.com. A team photo or

action picture is also most welcome.

Our family has been having a nightly whiffle ball game in the back yard on the weekends when everybody is available. Charlie Grubert is the pitcher and the Dicus family has two teams of three hitting, fielding, running and enjoying the moment. I am the fan base. Softball was the only sport I ever played. Now it was the 1950’s and our CYO, Catholic Youth Organization, sponsored the play. At the time the other girls in public school did not have any option.

Now 65 years later the women are racing to the podium to collect their Olympic medals in more sports than I can count.

Eckley Reenactment

The Dicus family enjoyed a World War II reenactment weekend at Eckley Miners Village and they met Sarah Jane “Salty” Sands, a woman who played on the Rockford (Illinois) Peaches in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League program that ran from the 1940’s during World War II into the early 1950’s. A movie was made about the program, “A League of Their Own”. Salty played on a team in her native Orangeville, PA before joining the Peaches in 1952.

Other features of the Eckley reenactment included a 1940’s radio broadcast featuring local singer Gina Gibbon and James Guydosh. For those of old enough to remember “Hi Ho Silver”, the Lone Ranger’s radio program was also part of the weekend. Eckley comes alive in a special way on reenactment weekends.

Class Reunions

Class Reunion preparations are in full swing. The CHS Class of 1971 is planning their 45th year celebration. The class of 1996 celebrated their 20th anniversary last Saturday at the American Legion Post 781. The Crestwood High School Class of 1986 will hold their 30th reunion Saturday August 13 at the Legion. The Crestwood Class of 1977 is planning their 40th reunion in 2017. The planning meeting is Wednesday August 10 at King’s Deck. The organizers are planning an August 2017 event.

I always enjoy my class reunions. The high school events are more personal and I meet classmates at the college events that I may or may not have known from school days. We all have shared experiences that are fun to revisit.

If you are planning a Mountaintop class reunion be sure to send the information in to us at the Eagle at news@mteagle.com.A parent or

friend of someone from the class in question could see it and let your classmate know of your plans. Publicity is the key to a successful event.

New School Year The new school year is only weeks

away. The Mountaintop Eagle will be publishing the new bus routes before the first day of school in our August 24 edition in two weeks. The new Crestwood transportation contractor Mountain Top Bus Co. is planning to streamline the routes for more efficient use of the buses. Kevin Foley is the owner of the new bus company and planned to display his buses at Crestwood High School on Tuesday evening August 9 in conjunction with the Crestwood School Board’s Transportation Committee meeting. The full board will vote to approve the bus routes and the list drivers at the regular school board meeting on Thursday August 18.

Rotary Plans The Eagle got a beautiful thank you

letter from Michelle Reilly, president of the Rotary Club of Mountaintop thanking us for our support in promoting the recent Steam Train Excursion from Penobscot to Jim Thorpe on July 23. The Rotary is talking to the Reading and Northern Railroad about a September 2017 Steam Train Excursion. There are many enthusiasts from the greater NEPA area who enjoyed the 2016 ride and there is plenty of room on the train for an expanded traveler roster in the future.

Internet Challenge It has been one year since we

enjoyed the Yellowstone National Park experience with the Dicus family. The only drawback to that awesome adventure was the “no internet” experience in the park for the six days we were there. Just this week one year later the Frontier Internet at my house failed. Frontier was unable to troubleshoot the problem and scheduled an onsite visit ONE WEEK LATER. It was just like last year at Yellowstone. When you don’t have it you manage, but the withdrawal is painful. I have no other option at this time in our remote forested location for alternative service. I hope that the installation of a new modem will cure the problem. We shall see.