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Commission, and granted a waiver for the subdivision, pertaining to stormwater management and swales.

The board tabled a resolution that would execute an agreement between Fairview Township and the Reading, Blue Mountain, and Northern Railroad Company for removal of the Mary Street Bridge.

The township’s zoning department collected $8,729 in fees in July and issued four permits, said Zoning Officer John Doddo. Township sewer-collection facilities and features will be now outlined on a map, created by crews in the Department of Public Works, as part of the MS4 stormwater management regulations.

The Mountaintop Hose Company answered 31 calls in May, 39 in June, and 24 in July, reported company President David Hourigan. Many of the calls were related to automatic alarms activating or with assisting other townships, he said. The fire department’s annual bazaar, held in July, brought in $34,500 in profit. “We’re happy with that. Onto next year…” Hourigan stated.

The Fairview Police answered 253 calls in July, including three thefts, two criminal mischiefs, and six bear complaints. The department issued 12 traffic citations and responded to 10 motor-vehicle accidents, reported Supervisor Robert Orloski.

Road crews have finished patching roadways and have been working on berms, as well as mowing and spraying weeds, and taking care of issues brought on by recent rain, Roadmaster Marhold noted. A new salt shed was constructed by the municipal building, he said, and it was finished in a relatively short period of time.