Trump Supporter Barbara Krashnak Decorates With Unique Political Signs
TRUMP SUPPORTER Barbara Krashnak, who lives on Route 309 in Wright Township, has drawn much attention to her property by painting dozens of Donald Trump signs and displaying them on the giant evergreen tree in her front yard.

Barbara Krashnak had no idea she’d become a celebrity by decorating her evergreen tree with homemade Donald Trump signs, but she thinks it’s just great. Having been featured on television news and throughout social media, the Wright Township woman hopes her support for the Republican nominee for president will possibly garner his attention.

“He’s in Harrisburg now,” Krashnak said last week of Trump. “He might see it on YouTube or Twitter. I hope he does.”

But if Trump doesn’t see the huge display, anyone driving down Route 309 will. Truckers passing Krashnak’s house, across the street from Building Blocks Learning Center, often honk in support of her signs. Others have begun pulling over to take photographs.

“People are stopping all the time,” she related. “They have their kids get out and they take pictures with the tree.”

Krashnak made her first Trump sign a month ago, when she found that ready-made political signs supporting him were unavailable. With white poster board and red-and-blue paint, she made her first small sign.

“I was at his rally for nine hours and I had signs there, but I kept passing them to the people behind me who needed signs,” she remembered. “I thought, ‘Oh well, I’ll go home and make my own sign.”

When Krashnak hung her first sign, she thought it looked small, so she made a few more, these with added glitter. “I wanted them to sparkle in the sunlight,” she said.

Her neighbor came across the street and encouraged her to make more signs, she recalled. “I kept saying, ‘I’ll just do four more.’ And I’d paint them and put them in my bay window to dry. Then I just kept making more. It still wasn’t enough.”

Hung with wire, Krashnak used a long pole with a hook on the end to hang the signs –most of them. To hang higher signs and the American flags that adorn the top of the towering evergreen, the 73-year-old actually climbed up through the center of the tree.

“Inside the tree, there’s these little steps. If the squirrels could do it, I could too,” she declared. “I just put on my long-sleeve shirt so I don’t get scratched.”

Krashnak admitted that she’s been climbing the tree for years. Each Christmas, she hangs lights and ornaments on the mighty evergreen. After falling off a ladder once, she decided that scaling the tree from the inside was safer.

She’s lived at the home for almost 50 years and she spends her time now cleaning houses and sewing for friends. She laughed that she has a pile of backed-up sewing projects because she’s been spending so much time painting Trump signs.

While solar lights are tied to some branches so the tree can be seen at night, it will really be lit up if Trump wins the presidency, Krashnak added.

She plans on stringing white Christmas lights all over the tree then. “If he wins, and oh, I hope he does, it’ll be like a celebration,” she said.