AHEDD Seeks Employment In Mountaintop For Disabled

Mountaintop Area businesses are being asked to become involved in an organization that has recruited and placed individuals with disabilities into various skilled and term employment for nearly 40 years. AHEDD is a private, non-profit organization, founded in 1977 to assist businesses in hiring and training qualified people with disabilities.

Scott Miller, a recent resident of the mountain, is one of AHEDD’s newest Employment Specialists.

Miller grew up in Indiana and served as a pastor in Philadelphia in recent years. His wife, Lisa, is a former resident and the couple and their daughters have now settled in to the community. Despite his new job duties at AHEDD, Miller continues to minister part time to a small congregation in Scranton.

Employment Specialists work independently, and Scott says that requires a good deal of self-discipline. In any one day, he could meet with an individual seeking employment, counsel the family on the advantages of their family member in the workforce, follow up with a client who has recently been placed in a position, reach out to new businesses, assess a person’s skillset, or help supplement training at a job site.

Scott relates that the best thing about the job is knowing that he has the ability to positively influence somebody’s life. He said that despite all of his work as a pastor and in the social services, working for AHEDD