On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

There was a lot of rhetoric over the Crestwood Transportation Contract re-awarded to Rinehimer Bus Lines, Slocum, PA in the news last month. Rinehimer was originally started by Clark Rinehimer, a resident of Wapwallopen, who sold his interest to businessman Ed Deets sometime between the 1960’s and when he died in 1986 at the age of 77. Deets operated the company as Deets-Rinehimer Bus Lines out of respect and the history of the company. The current owner eliminated the Deets designation, when he purchased it in 2013, and the company is once again Rinehimer Bus Lines.

I have known Ed Deets for most of the 38 years I have lived in Mountaintop and did business with him at the Mountaintop Eagle for his trucking company, Northeast Transfer, Auto-Bus, and the Stage Coach Inn in addition to the Deets-Rinehimer Bus Line. Ed’s contribution to Mountaintop and his economic impact on the community for a half-century have been sadly dismissed with the current reporting.

Ed Deets businesses all suffered financial stress with the downturns in the economy over the past fifteen years and more so since the 2008 financial collapse and recession.

Ed Deets was a proud family oriented businessman. He started his first trucking business in 1947, served in the Korean War, returned and incorporated North East Transfer in 1969. The Auto-Bus Company began in 1974 and coaches were lettered “Edward and Betty Deets and Daughters”. Ed and Betty have four daughters: Donna, Darlene, Debbie and Diane, who all worked in the Deets businesses.

When the Stage Coach Inn, first opened in 1946, was closed in the 1980’s, Ed purchased the building in 1988 are reopened the restaurant.

With the downturn of the economy Ed Deets formed Deets Holding Company, to include all of his businesses and filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Reorganization in 2011 and later in 2012, Chapter 7 Liquidation. Deets had signed a new six-year transportation contract in 2012 with the Crestwood School District, which eventually went to the new owner of his Deets-Rinehimer Bus Company after the bankruptcy auction in July 2013.

The Stage Coach was sold, remodeled and reopened as Theodora’s. His trucking company North East Transfer and Auto-Bus closed, and the Deets-Rinehimer bus company after it was sold reverted simply to Rinehimer Bus Lines.

The Mountaintop Eagle wrote up Ed Deets and his various entrepreneurial businesses over the years. He often stopped by our office to say hello and I would see him at the Mountaintop Post Office building, another of his real estate holdings.

In 2010 Ed was the Grand Marshall of the Mountaintop July Fourth Parade.

Ed was especially proud of the green antique standing clock he donated to the Crestwood School District, next to Route 309 in front of the high school. He gave small replicas of the clock to many people in the community, who he enjoyed working with. My little clock stands proudly on our office paste-up board. Ed asked me to call Crestwood to service the clock and set it at the correct time some years ago. I made the call, but at the same time Ed Deets’ businesses were failing. The clock no longer keeps the correct time.

Ed Deets was a business pioneer in the Mountaintop community. Let us not forget the contributions he made to Mountaintop. Thanks for the memories, Ed.

Community Calendar

Now that we are into the meteorological fall, it’s time to turn the page and enjoy the many community events on the calendar. Be sure to let the Mountaintop Eagle’s readers know about your event in plenty of time. All of the events listed below are in this week’s Eagle with contact information.

The 4th Annual Trooper Royce “Ree” Engler Memorial Benefit Motorcycle Ride & Concert will be held Saturday 10th, 2016 at the American Legion Post 781 on Church Road in Rice Township. Ree is the son of Dorrine and Royce Engler and was a Pennsylvania State Police Trooper. The ride registration begins at 10:00 a. m. and the Ride departs at 11:30 a. m. The concert and celebration will run from 1 p. m. to 8 p. m. Donation is $2 and includes food, beverages and live entertainment.

Cavanaugh’s Grille will hold their 12th Annual Golf Tournament to benefit Mountain Top Hose Company and the Mountain Top Little League on Friday September 16, 2016. The 1:00 p. m. shotgun start is at Mountain Laurel Golf Course. Cost is $90 per golfer. The tournament dinner will be served at Cavanaugh’s Grille and features a NY Strip Dinner with a 2-hour open bar. For additional information and to sign up call Cavanaugh’s owner Bill Aigeldinger at the restaurant.

A golf tournament benefiting Crestwood Girls Basketball is scheduled for Saturday October 1st at Edgewood by Sand Springs Golf Course in Drums. The tournament starts at 9:00 a. m. captain and crew format. Cost is $60 per person and includes coffee and donuts and lunch.

Welcome Back Deb Cavanaugh’s Grille welcomed

back their most popular bartender last week, when Deb Prelewicz returned from her summer sojourn in Ocean City, Maryland. Deb thought she was returning to work, but when she got to Cavanaugh’s she was the honoree of a surprise welcome back event. Deb’s engaging personality and beautiful smile left a hole in Cavanaugh’s inviting ambience for the past three months.

Welcome back, Deb. Back to the Future

The Dicus family has returned to Brooklyn, ready for the new school term and their many activities. Charlie and I enjoyed a busy couple of months with the family.

Kate and Maggie returned with the skirts and dresses they made with their sewing lessons. Patrick and Lara are Pokémon masters and will be finding more treasure back in the city. Charlie Dicus enters his sophomore year of high school. Mark Dicus brought my MtEagle Honda back for the last time, took it for an oil change at Steve Shannon’s and packed up the family minivan for the last time.

Our house is quiet again. I am already yearning for the October birthday weekend we enjoy each year around Columbus Day. One day at a time.