Comprehensive Plan Presented At Crestwood Board Meeting

“Your future is our goal!” is the sentiment that Fairview Principal Peg Foster, and the committee members who helped her draft the next phase of the district’s comprehensive plan, hopes to convey to all students.

At the Sept. 15 school board meeting, Foster presented the committee’s plan, which outlines three goals for student success. Four years in the making, the plan was created by a panel of district officials, board members, parents, and local business owners –all who were determined to have a stake in the future of Crestwood’s students.

Foster began her presentation by outlining the plan’s mission statement, which is “to support personalized learning so that students are college and career ready upon graduation.”

“That’s our mission,” she stated, “to get kids ready to be productive citizens.” She reiterated several times that, whether a student is five or 18 years old, they need to know, “Your future is our goal.”

While the district’s current comprehensive plan could be difficult to interpret, Foster explained, the new one simplifies Crestwood’s goals by listing six shared core values. Among those are: to develop individuals that can adapt to change, especially in technology; to support a diverse environment; to use technology to support teaching and learning; and to make education the responsibility of the entire community.

The first goal of the plan deals with common assessments. By August of 2020, all grade levels that participate in state-level standardized tests twice a year should fall within a specific scoring area. “We have to have our