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eyes on the target and this helps us get there,” Foster said.

Goal two, dealing with student growth, states that all teachers will create, administer, and evaluate a curriculum-based measurement that assesses student growth in various areas. A few times a year, students will be evaluated and, if it’s found they are not growing, interventions will be put in place to help those struggling students.

Technology is the third goal and the plan, again to be fully in place by August of 2020, states that all teachers will implement the use of Google Docs Classroom Apps, appropriate for each grade level.

An ever-growing tool to help students learn and collaborate, Google Docs is currently being used by students as young as fourth and fifth grade. “We’d like to expand this as it is an effective tool for learning,” Foster reported.

Superintendent Joseph Gorham praised Foster and the committee that created the comprehensive plan, noting that he is enthusiastic about the goals outlined. The plan, which must be submitted to the state by Oct. 1, is available on the district’s website for public review and critique.

In other business, the board was given a presentation by Alan Behnke, of Tremco Weatherproofing Technologies, a company that, since 2012, has been making repairs to deteriorating and leaking areas of the roof at the high school. Gorham had asked Behnke to make the presentation, he said, so that the community can see how district funds are being spent.

Using a slide show, Behnke explained the process of patching and reinforcing the corroded roof. The improvements made are to last 20 years and cost less than installing a new roof on the building, he said. Later in the meeting, the board approved payment to Tremco, in the amount of $407,727, which will be paid out of the PLGIT Capital Projects Fund.

The board heard from parent Annette Weiss that, despite the district now paying more for transportation services, the same issues that occurred last year, pertaining to the quality of buses and the lack of buses needed for athletic events, are happening this year.

“The bus situation has not improved and we’re spending more money,” Weiss said.

Board members Randy Swank and William Jones, who serve on the transportation committee, responded that Rinehimer, the district’s bus company, is in the process of getting new buses. Of the need for more transportation for athletic events, they stated that they are working on the issue and that the board is exploring purchasing additional vans to utilize and the possibility of using charter buses from outside companies.

Gorham announced that, on Sept. 23, at 8 a. m. in the Kirby Library, he will present his plan to improve literacy for the district’s youngest students. His goal is to reverse the trend of declining literacy levels for students entering Kindergarten. Members of the public, especially the business community, are invited to attend.

The board approved payment to T. J. Cannon, in the amount of $244,355, for camera systems at the middle and high schools, which will be paid out of the PLGIT Capital Projects Fund.

Also out of the PLGIT fund, Stell Enterprises, Inc. will be paid $9,999, for paving at Fairview Elementary, and R. J. McCarville Associates, will be paid $67,850, for replacement of partition doors at Fairview.