Drainage Issues Discussed At Wright Meeting

The Wright Township Board of Supervisors discussed drainage issues in the area and its plans to correct those problems. At its Sept. 12 meeting, the board approved building a storm inlet on a North Sunset Drive property. It also heard from two residents, one who is satisfied with the township’s fixing of flooding issues on his property and another who asked for help.

Plans for the North Sunset Drive project are complete, but the board needed to make a motion to allow it put a new drain there. The project was agreed upon by the owners of the property where the drain will sit, reported Solicitor Michael Kostelansky. Those landowners look forward to stormwater runoff issues now being eliminated.

Resident Joe Kosmnell spoke of a problem with a swale on Grandview Avenue that’s been going on for decades. A drainage ditch is needed there, he said, and then showed board members a photo on his phone of the problem spot. Since it’s a state road he has made little progress in getting action, he said.

Chairman Louis Welebob Jr. replied that he will call state officials and make a request, but added that he’s not confident those workers will respond. The state milled the area five years ago, Supervisor Donald Zampetti added, but it is again filled with dirt, making its drainage ineffective. Welebob vowed the township will do its best to urge state action.

Welebob also read a letter from a resident who, after 19 years, made his first contact with the township by asking for help with flooding in his yard. After two days of rain, a

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