Planning Matters Again Highlight Dorrance Meeting

For a second month Dorrance leaders focused on proposed developments at their October 10th meeting, which was lead by Chairman Gary Zane.

Introduced under Solicitor Donald Karpowich’s report, The Preserve at Blue Ridge Trail includes a blend of 85 single family lots less than one acre in size and also 108 twin units bringing the total to 193 dwelling units. While the parcel covers 546.56 acres stretching along Blytheburn and Prospect Roads, due to slope and wetlands issues, almost 200 acres will be excluded from development.

This ‘set aside’ land is function of a Planned Residential Development project being proposed by Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course owner Robert Tamburro. As outlined in the PA Municipality Planning Code, a PRD provides land use options such as this example of single and multi-family homes within one development plan. It also permits smaller lot sizes in trade off with dedicating a portion of the land as common public space to remain undisturbed.

Atty. Karpowich reminded that the submission of a plan will now trigger the scheduling of a public hearing.

“As you recall they came to the supervisors with a sketch plan and we gave them certain recommendations of things we wanted to see.” They took the board’s requests, revised the plan and they are now requesting a hearing.

”My suggestion,” he advised the board, “is that you request a special hearing to be held at the fire hall because we anticipate a large turnout. I’m proposing Thursday, December 1st.”

In order to accommodate residents interested in the details of the plan, Atty. Karpowich also suggested that the Planning Commission convene a meeting at 6:30 that evening, just before the public hearing as an opportunity for review and recommendation by the commission.

An element of the plan review is submission to the county planning commission. Karpowich explained that comments have been received and referred to the developer.

First among the 22 issues raised by Luzerne County is, “This application does not provide the sufficient information for a complete and proper review. An extensive narrative will be needed.” And this comment followed, “Provide in the narrative what is proposed for all current

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