Alberdeen Inn Under New Ownership Of Hawk Brothers
ALBERDEE INN UNDER NEW OWNERSHIP-The Hawk brothers, Chris, left, and Jason are new owners of the historic Alberdeen Inn. The two recently opened the bar for business and are now searching for a chef so that they can get the well-loved restaurant up and running again.

Two ambitious brothers, excited to own their first business together, are hoping to breathe new life into the historic Alberdeen Inn. While they’ve reopened the doors to the Inn’s bar recently, they are now searching for a chef to get the once-popular restaurant up and running again.

“It’s a learning experience,” related Jason Hawk of the new endeavor. “But I have no regrets. I love it. The neighbors around here, they’ve been excellent. They really support us.”

His brother and business partner, Chris Hawk, agreed. “It’s work, but we’re doing something we love. And the people in this area have been great.”

Built in 1880, the Alberdeen Inn, on Alberdeen Road in Dorrance, was first a hotel and restaurant, used primarily as a stagecoach stopover. The first customers found their way to the Inn by horse and buggy, rather than automobile.

In the 20th century, the Inn ceased to be a hotel, but has always been open, as a restaurant and bar. Chris showed framed black-and-white photographs of the Alberdeen Inn at various stages of history. While the different time periods were evident, the structure itself was largely unchanged.

The establishment still has old-world charm today, from the point where a customer ascends onto the quaint porch and enters, through either the door marked “dining” or the one labeled “cocktails,” to the comfortable bar and eating areas, ensconced in velvety red carpeting and nostalgically-decorated paneled walls.

“It’s got a lot of character,” Jason said of the place. “We like that it’s got some history to it.”

Before the brothers purchased the Inn, Jason was working as an accountant, but had grown tired of the profession. Chris was retired from the military. The pair, who both live in Drums, discussed becoming owners of a pub, but found there