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really weren’t any local establishments for sale. In April, they same across the Alberdeen Inn and purchased it in the summer.

Jason and Chris, along with several members of the Hawk family, spent the next few months readying the Alberdeen Inn to open again. “It took us two months of cleaning and updating the place,” said Jason, while Chris added, “Extensive cleaning.”

Their father helped a great deal with maintenance work, while their mother helped with cleaning. Chris described his three children pitching in as well, from his oldest son with heavy lifting, to his daughter working behind the bar. His family also repainted parts of the Inn and installed dimmable LED lighting, brightening the rooms. With the changes they have made, they added, they continue to strive to keep the historic integrity of the original structure.

On Sept. 1, the pair opened the bar for business and found many regular customers returned. Laughing, they noted that many of the customers have opinions on running the Inn, mostly relating to what the new menu should be.

The bar at the Inn previously had inconsistent hours and, since the September reopening, it’s been open Wednesdays to Sundays, from 11 a. m. to 11 p. m. The brothers installed four beer taps and are now offering 17 varieties of bottled beer. They hope to soon stock the bar with a six-pack-to-go case.

While bar food is served at the Alberdeen Inn –burgers, pork sliders, hot wings, onion rings, French fries, and soups –it is prepared by Chris or Jason. They are hoping to find a chef soon to expand.

They’ve also improved the bar area by adding four televisions, perfect for football viewing, and USB outlets, so customers can charge their phones and other electronic devices. While the outlets make the Inn 21st-century friendly, an antique style phone hangs on one wall, ready to use for the less tech-savvy person who needs to make a call.

At the moment, the restaurant part of the business is on hold until a chef is hired. They hope to find one and utilize their 45-seat dining room, but said that, if it doesn’t work out right away, they may offer a limited dinner menu until a full-time chef is found.

Once the restaurant does open, the brothers hope to expand the dining room to the second floor of the building, to accommodate parties and larger groups, and also to install deck seating. “We want to grow with the restaurant,” related Chris.

The public is eager for the Alberdeen Inn to open for dining as well. Patrons of the bar often speak of it, Jason reported, and the Inn gets three or four phone calls per day from customers hoping to make dining reservations.

The pair hopes to meet their customers’ needs soon. “This area’s very welcoming,” Chris stated. “You can’t beat the quality of people that have been here supporting us.”