On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

The 2016 Presidential Election is finally drawing to a close. Most of the candidates who trudged through the primaries began their quests in 2015, which makes a two-year run for the job. The road traveled has been exhausting for them and for us, the “American People”.

In the past month nominees for both parties have had some very high days and some very low ones. Friday October 7, 2016 saw the Washington Post releasing an Access Hollywood audio recorded between Donald Trump and Billy Bush described as “an extremely lewd conversation about women” in 2005. The damaging revelation was two days before the second presidential debate on October 9. I saw a Saturday Night Live sketch on October 15 satirizing the debate and the Hillary character happily exclaimed, “Just last Friday he handed me the election!” It is ironic that lewd sexual comments would sink the Trump ship. The Clintons have been fighting off similar scenarios since they entered public life in Arkansas in 1979, when Bill took office as Attorney General of Arkansas. The 11 widely reported and analyzed scandals involved money, sex, lies and videotape.

Hillary Clinton could win the presidency November 8, 2016. She has been working toward this goal since she entered public life with Bill. Hillary is as calculating and ruthless as any political participant in history. What the public sees is what she wants to reveal. The biggest threat to her ascent to the presidential power is Hillary’s failure to come clean with every scandal she has weathered with Bill and on her own.

Friday October 28, just 3 weeks after Trump’s devastating downfall from the lewd Access Hollywood audio, found Hillary Clinton once again facing down FBI Director James Comey over her email scandal. When Comey declined to move forward with recommending that his investigation of Clinton proceed in July 2016, Hillary was elated and the “American People” following the case were outraged and disillusioned. With the new October 28 FBI announcement that new information had surfaced about the Clinton email case, Donald Trump perked right up, validated that she was a criminal, liar and crooked.

So this is what our fine country gets to choose from. Trump and Hillary both have lots of baggage. Criminal? It’s too close for me.

I love following politics at all levels. My Political Science degree at Fordham University introduced me to Plato’s Republic and Aristotle’s Politics. Politics is the study of people and the decisions they make. The politics of what is happening in our American government system is startling. How many politicians can we send to jail when they fail to embrace the programs for the greater good and work only toward their own personal agendas?

The office of president has a lot of privilege. Living in the White House and travelling on Air Force One is only the beginning. The work of the president and the party in power should be for the betterment of life for the “American People”. Does paying more and more taxes for many services most of us don’t want or need equate with good leadership? How are we to choose between two candidates that promise so much, but we know can never deliver?

There has been a steady barrage of “Lock her up!” and “Hillary for Prison” messages this year. A rather attractive Hillary for Prison bobble head doll found its way into the Mountaintop Eagle office recently. Dressed in prison stripes and with a ball around her ankle, the Hillary Doll is not so funny as tragic. Hillary’s list of Criminal Charges from the doll box is shocking. The suspicions about Clinton and Trump take up more space in our lives than they should. What salacious news story will break before election in the next 6 days?

Wolperts Visit Mountaintop Charlie and I are looking

forward to the weekend when Amy Grubert and Chris Wolpert and our granddaughters Clementine and Penny will visit us from Denver, Colorado. The little girls are 5 and 3 so we will have lots of tiny toys out for them from our collection. They all love to take walks and enjoy the beautiful Colorado high desert climate so close to Rocky Mountain National Park. Our mountain here is only 1641 feet, but we have plenty of scenic areas here too. Having children in the house is always a special treat.

Kay Robinson 101 Years Old Our family lost a very dear friend

last month when Kay Robinson died at the age of 101 near Seattle. Kay and her husband Carl were fervent Mountaintop Eagle readers enjoying this weekly column featuring stories about family and our local Mountaintop politics.

I travelled to Seattle last November to visit with Kay on the occasion of her 100th birthday and also spent time with three of her six children, Marikay, Annie and Tom. Kay was in an assisted living home and was still enjoying cards with other residents and taking community meals in the dining room the week before she died. She had family visits every day of her life and I believe that love and conversation kept her with them. I spoke to her daughters Annie and Mary Kay, who both said they brought the Eagle to the hospital where Kay was taken after she had a fall and read her the latest columns.

Carl and Kay were both at my parent’s wedding and remained life long friends. Kay was a very special mother and friend. We all rejoice in our memories of Kay.