Mountaintop Students Participate In Undergraduate Research Program
Taylor Rupp
Grace Emmett

The Misericordia University Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program mapped historic Pittston, examined Schwann cell lines, measured social participation improvement in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and much more.

More importantly, though, it engaged 39 students and 19 faculty mentors in complex scientific and scholarly research in traditional laboratories on campus, and at various libraries and locations in the field. The fellowship program enabled students to develop new knowledge and skills using innovative technology and methodology.

Furthermore, the program provides fellows with opportunities to grow by collaborating with other students, faculty and outside scholars. Critical thinking and independent learning skills are developed further as they explore beyond their current boundaries.

Fellowship program participants came together for one evening in October for the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Poster Presentation in Sandy and Marlene Insalaco Hall. The annual program is a precursor for many of the fellows who will present their oral and poster presentations at state and national conferences.

The following Mountaintop students and faculty mentors collaborated on research and scholarly work during the 2016 Misericordia Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program:

Okla Elliott, Ph. D., assistant professor of English, and students, Nicole Grassi ’18 and Taylor Rupp ’16: Holocaust and Comparative Genocide Pedagogy.

Jeffrey Stephens, Ph. D., assistant professor of physics, and student, Grace Emmett ’17: Atomic Force Microscopy: Probing Between Biology and Physics.