No Tax Increase Expected For Rice Twp. Residents

The Rice Township Board of Supervisors approved the proposed 2017 budget at their regular monthly meeting on November 1. No increase in property taxes is expected; millage will remain at .29.

Estimated expenditures are revenues are projected to be $1,080,000. The proposed budget has an increase of $60,000 over the 2016 budget.

The township expects to receive the following receipts: $872,000 in taxes, $123,902 in liquid fuels, $18,207 in licenses and permits (Cable TV), $300 in recreation funds, $11,234 in interest, rents and royalties, $41,370 in contract police services, $11,200 in fees, UCC inspections, and recyclables and $1,787 in miscellaneous receipts.

The largest expenditure in the proposed budget is for the police department at $365,730 and $59,683 for police pension plans. Public works/general services are expected to cost $126,050 and $39,665 for the fire department. Workman’s compensation insurance is anticipated to be $40,000 and $174,395 for employer paid benefits. $16,056 is earmarked for non-uniform pension plans.

Other expenditures in the proposed budget include $86,300 for property and bonding insurance, $54,971 for administration, $18,800 for tax collection, $14,000 for legal services, $28,700 for government buildings, $15,500 for recycling and sewage

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