Pennsylvania Voters-Mountaintop Elect Trump

Donald J. Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election in Luzerne County with a resounding 77,508 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 51,454. Percentage wise Trump won with 60.10% of the votes cast and Clinton got 39.89% in Luzerne County. The spread was 2 to 1. Pennsylvania and more specifically Luzerne County delivered the presidency to Donald Trump and the Republicans.

Statewide Trump had 2,912,941 votes for 48.8% of the total cast and Clinton had 2,844, 705 for 47.6%. It was the first Republican Presidential Election win in Pennsylvania since 1988, when George H. W. Bush was elected.

Trump won Luzerne County by 26,211 votes and lost Lackawanna by 3,491 votes. Barack Obama won Luzerne County by 5,982 votes and Lackawanna County by 26,753 in 2012. Trump reversed his margin of winning by a total of 32,193. Clinton’s 2016 totals in Luzerne and Lackawanna were 23,262 less than Obama’s 2012 winning margin.

According to the Luzerne County Election results, in Mountaintop Trump amassed 6,057 votes for 65.59% of the total. Clinton got 3,177 for 34.40%.

Vote totals varied by municipalities with Trump totals ranging from 52.10% in Dennison to 36.91% in Fairview.

Rice Township voters experienced the longest wait times to vote in Mountaintop. A total of 1544 presidential votes were cast from 7:00 a. m. to 10 p. m., two hours after the posted voting time when the last voter in line finished voting. Election Inspector Barb Deaton and her staff kept at their tasks at 10:50 p. m, when absentee ballots an other documents were processed and sent back to the county.

At the Rice location, the later the time of day a voter arrived the longer the wait time. Around noon the wait was about one hour and six minutes. At 4:10 p. m. it had extended to one hour and 45 minutes and by 6p.m. voters were waiting as much as 2.5 hours to vote.

No one in line was refused. The line extended to the Rice Township Recycling Center, with nearly 200 people in line at its maximum. An average of 100 voters voted per hour for the 15 hours the Rice poll was open.

The three largest Mountaintop municipalities graded by registered voter statistics are Wright Township