Nuangola Accepts Sewer Contractor Settlement

Marking three full years of sewer system operation, Nuangola Borough Council members unanimously accepted a financial settlement for construction damage at their November 15th meeting.

Announced by Sewer Authority liaison and council member Michael Johnson, a final offer of $30,233.86 was offered and accepted for road damages President Joseph Tucker has described as “emergency repairs.”

While a condition of confidentiality prevented them from full disclosure of the settlement terms, Johnson stated, “I can tell you that the Nuangola Sewer Authority is contributing $15,000 of that to put this to bed. You can do your own math.” The offer was the subject of an Executive Session prior to the meeting’s start.

Significant issues remain in an area on North End Road, Tucker explained and that section, along with a void discovered at the corner of Lake and Raeder Avenues will be repaired this year out of necessity. “There are two major problems –we have to take care of now. We can’t let them go.”

On North End Road, he said, “We ripped a snow plow off last year, we’re not going to do that again.”

Councilor Mark Gandzyk agreed that the repairs are urgent, “That hole on Lake Avenue has been steadily growing in size over the summer.”

Tucker reminded, “We have to get in there and fix that one. That is the most populated area. We all know that the Grove is the center of town. I can’t believe when I put them on notice that they were on the hook for this that they didn’t come right up and fix that.”

Tucker added, “I believe Nuangola Sewer Authority is taking steps to get this taken over by the Mountaintop

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