Crestwood’s Mary Poppins Delights Audiences Of All Ages
MARY POPPINS was presented at Crestwood High School last weekend under the direction of Mary Leo. Students Seth Edwards and Elizabeth Hines performed in the lead roles.

It was a“supercalafragalisticexpi-aladocious” good time this weekend, when the students of Crestwood High School presented Mary Poppins.

Most people are familiar with the 1964 Disney film classic that tells the tale of the Banks family of Cherry Tree Lane, London near the turn of the 20th century. Their nanny, Mary Poppins, seems to wreak havoc in her wake with magical outings and adventures, much to the dismay of Mr. Banks and the delight of his children, Jane and Michael. The film was based from the series of books written by P. L. Travers in 1933, and the play performed by the students was a cross between the original stories and the Disney adaptation, co-created by Cameron Makintosh in 2004.

Some would say that this particular show was a reach for high school students in a relatively small high school, however, Director Mary Leo and her students rose to the occasion in fine fashion. Students Virginia Guglioti, Rachel Penney and Jacob Parker were able to create thunder and lightning and a night sky full of stars with an audio board and new lighting system that had to be learned, programmed and operated on cue.

“The best part about being in backstage is getting to create different images and sounds for amazing, talented people,” said Gugliotti. “It takes hours upon hours of dedication and long nights, though in the end its worth every second.”

The students also created their own special effects, effectively making kites fly, hat stands able to be pulled from a carpet bag and dishes pop back up onto their shelves. Set construction was led by shop teacher, Jeff Pierontoni and done by juniors