Dorrance Leaders Consider Rezone Request To Expand Bella Vista

In preparation for several months, a public rezone hearing for land adjacent to the Bella Vista development was held on Monday, December 12, 2016 at 6:30 P. M under the leadership of Vice Chair Bill Wengrzynek. Chair Gary Zane was unable to attend.

The purpose of the hearing was to accept exhibits and comments on developer Dan Rochon’s request to amend the zoning classification on approximately 250 acres from the current B-2 zoning to R-1.

Rochon’s intention is to expand the Bella Vista development which is located on the east side of Route 309. The proposed addition, pending zoning revision, is to develop new home sites north of the existing boundary lines and also to provide a secondary access to the development. The entire parcel is subject to the rezone request.

In the discussion Rochon advised

that the first phase, upon approval, will be 10 building sites. Future parcels may be added in progressive steps to the north.

Wengrzynek and Supervisor Kevin Gallagher conducted the hearing with the assistance of Atty. Sean Logsdon representing Township Solicitor, Donald Karpowich.

Members of the public questioned storm-water management in hopes of improving conditions. Gallagher explained that any development would be subject to current standards and would likely improve water controls. Wengrzynek agreed that all state water and transportation mandates will be addressed, “As far as the roads and the run-off, our township engineer will thoroughly review the plans once they are submitted. Anything that doesn’t meet the standards, he will be asked to correct.”

Gallagher noted, “These regulations are more rigorous now.” And he reminded that the public will have access to anything Rochon submits for planning review, too.

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