Wright Board Awards New Police Contract

The Wright Township Board of Supervisors approved a new contract with the police department and police chief at its Dec. 12 monthly meeting. The three-year contract will reflect raises for officers and the chief, beginning next year on Jan. 1 and ending Dec. 31, 2019.

The vote was unanimous for the police collective bargaining agreement, as well as the police chief’s agreement, with Supervisor Colleen Macko, whose husband is a police officer, abstaining from the first vote.

Police officers in Wright Township will receive 3-percent raises the first two years of the contract and a 2.5-percent raise for the third year. They will be paid roughly $60,000 per year.

Chief Royce Engler, who has been with the department for nearly 40 years and has been serving as chief since 2012, will receive a 3.5-percent pay increase the first two years of the contract and a 3-percent increase in the last year. He will earn over $66,000 the first year of the contract and end earning $71,000.

In November, the police department answered 242 calls, including four harassment cases, two burglaries with forced entry, two counts of littering or scattering rubbish, and one public drunkenness, reported Supervisor Jerome Uram. Police issued 11 traffic citations, four non-traffic citations, and assisted with nine motor-vehicle accidents. One officer attended training in November for field-sobriety testing, he said.

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