POLAR EXPRESS CELEBRATION AT ST. JUDE’S-The last day before Christmas vacation was an exciting one for the St. Jude’s PreKindergarten and Kindergarten classes. They enjoyed a Polar Express celebration by wearing their jammies to school, watching the wonderful movie, and enjoying treats and hot chocolate. The students lined the hallway which was decorated with train tracks and train cars for the occasion. As they sat in their chairs along the tracks, the conductor, Principal Sr. Ellen, SCC, punched their tickets and welcomed them on board. The lights were dimmed and they were on their way for a magical trip! Kindergarten students, front from left: Molly Unis, Hannah Fauerbach, Julie Truschel, Matthew Crowell, Neal DeAngelo, Lance Wrightnour, Mia Correll, Bronson Gorka, Tommy Elick, Kira Millard, and Inara Shutt. Back: Jonathan Shaffer, Sarah Rowlands, Tyler Barker, Keirsi Mooney, Leah Smith, Gavin Venesky, Caleb Brownell, Paul Thomas, Quintin Sartori, Alivia Sweet, Elizabeth Bilbow, and Jillian Hoppe.