Nuangola Resolves Brief New Year Agenda

Having conducted a review and reappointment of borough staff and advisers in a late December session, council members under the leadership of President Joseph Tucker updated several issues in their January 10th regular meeting.

Among the issues presented and approved last month was a unanimous vote to hold the line on property taxes in the small lake-side community. In the budget drafted by Councilman Michael Johnson, the tax rate remains at the millage of .444.

Out of that millage will come staff wages at the rates established for Road Crew -$13.50 per hour; Snow Plowing -$20.00 per hour; Recycling Center/Seasonal labor -$12.50 per hour; Secretary/Treasurer -$580.00 per month and $2.00 per refuse bill collected; Zoning Officer -$300.00 per month; Tax Collector -5% of total taxes collected; Council receives $40.00 per month and the Mayor receives $45.00 per month.

Also, under a new 3-year contract with Gitten’s Disposal, refuse rates for 2017 are remaining at $155 per household. This rate also subsidizes the popular annual clean up.

January’s issues included the notice that Secretary/Treasurer Sabine Thomas, working with Councilors Carolyn Lauer and Regina Plodwick, is continuing to refine the property listing to improve the accuracy of refuse billing.

Thomas reported that with this assistance she has been able to collect delinquent fees some of which date back to 2013. The resulting collection produced fees of $51,205 in 2016 and the income is continuing to grow. Tucker confirmed that the expanded listings and collected funds have relied only on borough efforts, no outside assistance has been utilized.

As the planning commission liaison, Plodwick added that a 2016 review has been prepared for addition to the December minutes She advised that the commission will discuss the Race reverse subdivision at its January meeting. She noted that there is still a vacancy on the planning commission. Anyone interested is

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